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Washer Repair in Minneapolis MN - (612) 225-1960

Is your washer out of commission? Have you found yourself restarting a load just to make sure it gets clean? No need to worry, we are a leading Minneapolis washer repair company that can help you.

Our team of licensed professionals have dealt with just about every washer problem that you can think of. From not powering on to not spinning or even leaking washers, we have fixed it all. We have also worked on all different makes and models and we are familiar with the difference in washer parts by brand. Our repairmen are always on call to meet your washer repair needs, all within the comfort of your Minneapolis MN home.

Your washer repair in Minneapolis MN will be handled in a timely manner. Our repairman will also see to it that the job gets done right so your washer works like new again. This will likely come with needing to replace certain washer parts to ensure that the entire machine is in working order. However, we have quick access to washer parts in Minneapolis MN so this will not be an issue.

Our washer repair service starts with a visit to your Minneapolis MN home. From here, the washer problems will be diagnosed and a written estimate will be provided with values based on the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. Hiring us for your washer repair in Minneapolis MN after receiving the estimate means the total gets knocked down $10 for our first repair discount, plus you won’t have to pay for the service call fee!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Do you own a front loader? Washing machines that load from the front, instead of the top, are better served with a laundry detergent that accommodates high efficiency machines. If you don’t, you will be putting unnecessary wear and tear on your washer. More specifically, you will have an overload of suds at some point. This will hinder the performance of your washing machine because the air bubbles will divide your laundry from your detergent. If you have a top loader, the issue of excessive suds still exists, but not to as great of an extent.


Minneapolis Appliance Repair Pros

2751 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

(612) 225-1960
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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